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Celebrate International Women's Day the ENTIRE month of March at Senz with our new Workshop Series

Your Workshop Hostesses


Elizabeth Blumberg, Senz Founder (RD, LDN, CPT, 200-RYT 

Elizabeth earned her degree in Clinical Nutrition and Food Science from Auburn University.  As a Licensed Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian, she specializes in preventative and therapeutic nutritional programs for individuals with a broad range of medical needs. Her unique holistic counseling methods have helped thousands of people resolve medical issues and achieve their health-related goals.

After growing up in her family’s owned and operated health club, Elizabeth went on to bring her passion for yoga, dance, and fitness to fruition in 2019 with the inception of Senz, Yoga, Barre & Cycle.

She has spent the past twenty-five years in the Washington D.C./Metro area working as a nutritional consultant, professional speaker, and fitness trainer. 

Elizabeth has been featured on NBC, named in Washingtonian Magazine as one of the top dietitians in the DC-metropolitan area, and featured in People Magazine.

Visit the Senz website here. The EB Nutrition website here. And the Senz instagram here.


Alison Grass (CSC, CLC, 200-RYT)

Alison is a Trauma Informed Spiritual Life Coach, Mentor and Healer, and a 200-hour certified yoga instructor. She is a yoga instructor at Senz, and owns her own coaching and mentorship practice, Be at Peace Coaching + Mentorship. Through her practice, Alison weaves together 3D logic, and multidimensional woo, to help her clients live a peaceful and abundant human experience. 

As a coach, mentor and healer, Alison has helped numerous clients experience mind-blowing transformations. Some have been able to get off of their anxiety medications, some have awakened to their clairsenses, and others have been able to manifest ridiculous abundance of money into their lives and businesses. Their varying results really depended upon on the package they signed up for, and the reason they decided to invest in coaching and mentorship.

In addition to yoga, Alison is also a certified life coach, spiritual coach, breathwork coach, and is training to become a somatic body worker.  She is also an intutive, energy healer, and a light language channel. 

You can visit her website here, and Instagram here.

Guest Facilitator Bio


Bri Miryam, Priestess & Religious Studies Scholar

We are so excited to have Bri spearheading our second workshop of the series. Bri is a practicing priestess, childbirth and postpartum doula, and graduate scholar of ancient spirituality. She began her studies in womens’ religion and traditional healing arts in 2013.

Today, Bri infuses her work with a deep reverence for the archetypes, mythologies, and ceremonial mysteries of her Mediterranean foremothers. She has served women around the world through historical priestess trainings, community birthwork, goddess studies, somatic healing, and past life medicine journeys.

Today, it is her prayer that each woman unearths the wild and wise leader within, and in doing so, helps to restore sacred feminine consciousness and healing to Earth. You can visit her Instagram here.

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Tiffany Lee, Body Language Expert & Communication Specialist

We are so thrilled to have former Senz cycling instructor, Tiffany Lee, join us for our third workshop! Tiffany was born and raised in Washington DC, and is currently based in Miami, Florida. She is a certified Body Language Expert, Senior Body Language Instructor at the Body Language Institute in Alexandria, VA, Communication Coach, and Certified Spinning® Instructor.

Tiffany helps people master confidence through body language and body confidence, so that they can walk into any room with self-assurance, and be unapologetically seen and heard. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, she helps people to listen to their voices and show up as their most authentic selves. You can visit her website here.

Awaken the Divine Feminine is a safe space for the busy, overwhelmed woman who feels disconnected from her body, emotions, and energy ... and is ready to cultivate a spiritual relationship with her Self, so that she can tap into daily ease, flow, and joy!

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Energetically speaking, the Divine Feminine is associated with a state of "being", surrender, creativity, ease, flow, and intuition

Physically speaking, a fully-embodied woman lives in conscious awareness of her true nature, and brings her spiritual nature into her body, relationships, and all of life

But unfortunately, in this hustle-mentality, "go-go-go" culture we live in, many find it challenging to tap into their inherently divine essence

That's why we created the Awaken the Divine Feminine series... 

This series is PERFECT for you if:

• You are ready to live a life of ease and flow;
• Want to deepen your intuition so that you can trust yourself;
• Desire becoming more confident and developing a strong sense of Self;
• Crave more harmony and alignment in your intimate and platonic relationships;
• Are ready to tap into and ENJOY your creative and transformative sensual energy 

Within the Awaken the Divine Feminine you will:

1️⃣ Learn what the Divine Feminine is and how to live fully expressed in your Divine Feminine
2️⃣ Deepen your spirituality by connecting to your Inner Source energy, for an awakened, ease-filled existence
3️⃣ Become comfortable in your body, sensuality, heart, emotions, mind, thoughts, Spirit and Soul, so that you experience less resistance, and more flow 

Mastery of these 3 things will help you to live a more peaceful, connected, and awakened life!  

A life where you...

•  FEEL and EXPRESS fully
•  Trust and surrender to the greatest good
•  Continually receive abundance
•  And live in effortless contentment  



The Experience 



Learn | Embody | Connect 

We meet from 1:00pm to 2:30/3:00pm

March 4 - Workshop 1 Intro to the Divine Feminine w/ Alison

March 11 - Workshop 2 – Intersection Yoga & the Divine Feminine: History of Spiritual Goddesses w/ guest facilitator, Bri

March 18 - Workshop 3 – Physical Embodiment – Body Talk & Chakra Dance w/ guest facilitator, Tiffany Lee + Elizabeth

March 25 - Workshop 4
– Energetics of the Divine Feminine w/ Alison + Elizabeth

March 26 - Final CelebrationGoddess Luncheon at Seasons 52 Chef's Table

Meeting Space

Awaken the Divine Feminine: A Goddess Workshop Series  is being held in Rockville, Maryland at the boutique fitness studio Senz Yoga, Barre & Cycle.

Senz is a living and breathing space where you can escape, reconnect, rejuvenate and re-energize. Built upon the concept of biophilic design, you will see this concept immersed throughout the entire space to help you find a sense of balance and harmony. 

Conveniently located in the Fallsgrove Village Shopping Center.
14925-A, Shady Grove Rd, Rockville, MD 20850


SAVE YOUR SPOT! (Limited Spots Available!)

Senz Members: $397 (includes all workshops + the Goddess Luncheon)
Non-Members: $497 (includes all workshops + the Goddess Luncheon)

If you need a payment plan, email us at

All payments are final. You may transfer your spot, and will be responsible for coordinating the transfer, but refunds are unavailable.